Gaming for charity

First of all, our excuses for being quiet for some time. Nena is currently very busy irl and I don’t have an excuse really. *sorry!* We’ll try be more active in the future like we have been previously but we can’t make any promises as this is something we do on our freetime and only when the mood really takes us.
So what will we talk about today? Well the title should kind of give it away, shouldn’t it? *hihi* Continue reading
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Musical Week – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

There. The mistery is over. My assignment for the Pixels And Papers musical week was the 1975 Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I can describe it in one word: Continue reading

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Starship – Musical Week!

Hello my friends!

We’re having a musical week here on P&P. Nena suggested I watch the newest creation from StarKid Production (makers of A Very Potter Musical, which we have mentioned before on P&P) and she has also been given a musical to watch and write about, so you have that to look forward to. I won’t spoil what she is watching but I don’t think you will be disappointed. *wink*

Continue reading
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Fishin’ for Woos

It is here, the day I have been waiting for so long! April 26th, the day Fishin’ for Woos finally came out to the whole wide world!
I have promised Marcus I would try and not sound like a 12 years old fangirl, let’s see if I can live up to that! Continue reading
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Project Cafe aka. Wii 2

Since everybody and their dog is reporting on this story, I figured I might aswell throw my 2 cents into it. I did most of my “research” on and I suggest you read a few this article if you wanna know more about the console.  Continue reading
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A Google A Day

Puzzles. I love them.
I mean, what’s not to love about puzzles? They make you push your brain to figure out new ways of solving problems, they make you focus on something, they give you that feeling of suspense… They are brilliant!
And they have always been around. Newspapers usually have a page or two dedicated to puzzles like crosswords and sudoku. And Newspapers used to be always hanging out with the families during breakfast. That old thing! :’)
Now, come with me on a stroll down my mind. Continue reading
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My 1 complaint about Mass Effect.

So I just finished the first Mass Effect on my trusty Xbox 360 *yea yea.. 2007 called..* and let me just say before this rant that Mass Effect is probably the best single-player game that I have ever played. Let that sink in for a moment.. Continue reading
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Contact us!

We’ve now added a page with contact information so you can easily get a hold of us for discussions about the blog, questions or just wanna chat with a fellow nerd.
We both check Twitter and Facebook constantly (some say too much) so for faster response, we suggest you go through there.  For longer feedback though, there’s nothing wrong with sending an email to either one of us. We appreciate any kind of feedback!  (which there isn’t enough of! *cough*)
All of our contact info can be found on the Contact page. Don’t be shy!
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Mad Love

So hey!                                                                                         Mad Love(2011)!    Another New York based sitcom. Do we really need more of those? We’ve had Friends, now we have How I Met Your Mother and Rules of Engagement and they’ve all been awesome. So why would anyone watch Mad Love? Continue reading
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Gamers Heart Japan

I’m sure you’re all aware about the bad situation in Japan and how badly they are in need of assistance, but if you still need some extra motivation. Look no further.
The clip on this website is nothing short of breathtaking. We as gamers owe so much to Japan and now when they’re in need of our help, if you can, help them. I wanted to write a whole post about this, but my words can’t do it justice. So I’m gonna leave this post short and just ask you to watch the video. You don’t have to watch all of it since it’s an hour long but spare a few minutes and a few bucks if you have ever enjoyed a Japanese game. Also please help spread the website to your gamer friends.
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