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World of Warcraft post #2 – The present and future!

Hello again, another World of Warcraft-related post. It won’t be 3 like I promised, I’ve decided to slam together the present and future into 1 post instead, so let’s get started! Advertisements

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My 1 complaint about Mass Effect.

So I just finished the first Mass Effect on my trusty Xbox 360 *yea yea.. 2007 called..* and let me just say before this rant that Mass Effect is probably the best single-player game that I have ever played. Let … Continue reading

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Have you ever been called a nerd? Geek maybe? I think most people who reads this blog probably have at 1 point in their life and well, if you haven’t, here is what you’re missing out on. These are names … Continue reading

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Digital distribution, you’re doing it wrong

So while browsing on the magical place known as the internet, looking for a new game to play. I found myself on, drooling over Starcraft 2. I go to click ‘Buy Digital’ (I have so many video game boxes … Continue reading

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