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The day my brain exploded

I’m out of breath. For real. No, not because this blog’s been forgotten for so long that the dust is suffocating me – we might back at that topic later on. It’s because I was innocently checking my e-mail, which … Continue reading

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Google +

We are all surrounded by social networks these days:Twitter, Facebook, Formspring, Tumblr, Myspace, LinkedIn, Ping…! But are they enough? Google didn’t seem to think so. They have finally released Google +, a new project that got a lot of attention during the … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, part II

It’s Friday, 3 am in the morning and I just got home. No, it was not from an awesome party with DJs from foreign exotic countries and a lot of alcohol and drugs. It wasn’t from a boyfriend’s house. It wasn’t from … Continue reading

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We r haf updatez!

OH HAI! Remember us? We’re those geeky geeks whose thoughts you hopefully enjoy reading from time to time. I’d like to take a few minutes explain why we’ve been silent for a while. The answer is REAL LIFE HAS BEEN … Continue reading

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The Glee Project

Hey folks! First of, I know I have been slacking off with P&P lately, but I’ve been crazy busy! And I realize my personal life doesn’t interest you, so let’s get to what might! I really like social media websites, … Continue reading

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Musical Week – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

There. The mistery is over. My assignment for the Pixels And Papers musical week was the 1975 Rocky Horror Picture Show. I can describe it in one word:

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Fishin’ for Woos

It is here, the day I have been waiting for so long! April 26th, the day Fishin’ for Woos finally came out to the whole wide world! I have promised Marcus I would try and not sound like a 12 … Continue reading

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A Google A Day

Puzzles. I love them. I mean, what’s not to love about puzzles? They make you push your brain to figure out new ways of solving problems, they make you focus on something, they give you that feeling of suspense… They … Continue reading

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Mad Love

So hey!                                                                             … Continue reading

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No Ordinary Family

So hey! Remember when we were kids and we liked superheroes? What’s that?!?! You still like them??? Yea..I do too! So while nerding around, looking for another excuse to procrastinate, and being as addicted to series as I am, I’ve … Continue reading

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