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Have you ever been called a nerd? Geek maybe? I think most people who reads this blog probably have at 1 point in their life and well, if you haven’t, here is what you’re missing out on. These are names … Continue reading

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Digital distribution, you’re doing it wrong

So while browsing on the magical place known as the internet, looking for a new game to play. I found myself on, drooling over Starcraft 2. I go to click ‘Buy Digital’ (I have so many video game boxes … Continue reading

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Internet habits

We all have them, don’t pretend you don’t! You know those sites you check everyday as soon as you log on the internet. Those wonderful websites you can spend hours and hours on either watching a constant new flow of … Continue reading

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Online friends – my experiences

My inspiration for this topic comes from this week’s episode of The Digital Cowboys episode 191 where Tony brought up the topic about online friends and how much you can really know someone from just the internet. As I mentioned … Continue reading

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Gaming habits

First of. Jeez it took me a while to write my first post..I wanna blame it on that I’ve been busy but that’d be a huge lie but well. I’ll try to do better in the future. Anyway, here we … Continue reading

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