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Go Karting

Should probably start of by saying sorry for my lack of posts as well, short story is I’ve moved back home (its a marmite relationship) and just graduated (yay) – so trying to sort out my life – which involved … Continue reading

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Gamers Heart Japan

I’m sure you’re all aware about the bad situation in Japan and how badly they are in need of assistance, but if you still need some extra motivation. Look no further. The clip on this website is nothing short of … Continue reading

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Why I blog

Sadly due to some real life stuff we haven’t been able to be active on the blog for a bit but that will change soon and we’ll be posting regularly again so in the meantime I thought I’d put up … Continue reading

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Have you ever been called a nerd? Geek maybe? I think most people who reads this blog probably have at 1 point in their life and well, if you haven’t, here is what you’re missing out on. These are names … Continue reading

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Online friends – my experiences

My inspiration for this topic comes from this week’s episode of The Digital Cowboys episode 191 where Tony brought up the topic about online friends and how much you can really know someone from just the internet. As I mentioned … Continue reading

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