Pixels & Papers was an idea Marcus had during a particuarly boring busride between Tampico and Monterrey (which if you’re not familiar with Mexican geography is about 7 hours). Then now finally after a few months of procrastinating, he finally registerd a wordpress account.
During these months of procrastinating Marcus still spoke about his idea to close friends and girlfriend, during that time a very special person also expressed interest in writing a blog. So instead of having 2 blogs talking about somewhat similar stuff, why not throw it all together and make this blog twice as awesome! (hopefully!)
So that’s the backstory out of the way, let’s move on to some introductions!

, located up in the cold north (Sweden to be precise), His interests includes awesomely nerdy stuff such as video games, movies/books about superheroes, orcs and/or magic.
Being mostly an online PC gamer growing up and starting his online gaming carrer at a young age he has enjoyed such titles Rune: Halls of Valhalla, Unreal Tournament, Counter-Strike, Tibia, League of Legends and World of Warcraft. He’s currently trying to get back on the Xbox 360 train he fell off a few years ago when World of Warcraft consumed most of his freetime.
He also enjoys watching the latest mixed martial arts events from all over the world. He could probably write a whole post about his favorite shows (and probably will.) but to mention a few: Top Gear, House, Glee, NCIS, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Mythbusters, The Ultimate Fighter…really the list goes on and on.
HELENA SCHMIDT BURG, Brazilian, girl. She’s a combo of random stuff put together: used to practice Capoeira, then got addicted to Tibia which she stopped playing once she started going to the University. She’s taking a degree in Library and Information Science for a reason she herself can not comprehend. Likes books, being particularly addicted to Bernard Cornwell. She’s also dangerously dedicated to promoting Bowling for Soup, which is her favourite band, even though she really thinks metal is better than any other kind of music. Spends most of her time watching TV Series, staring at the monitor of a computer and procrastinating.
JANET RICHARDSON, from the lovely UK. Just graduated from Royal Holloway (Geography and Geology). So naturally loves anything related to that! Interested in reading – currently reading The Lord Of The Rings series. Like Helena, addicted to Bowling For Soup, and loves going to live shows (she spends too much money going to gigs). PS3 girl, big fan of platform games, but will also play shooting/ racing games. She also enjoys playing on the gamecube (not a big fan of the wii) – you cant beat a game of Mario! She has way to many consoles in her house. Massive film fan, favourite film varies a lot and depends on genre. Also watches a lot of tv – Top Gear, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Buffy, Glee, Bones and so on.
So as you all can see, we’re quite nerdy people and that’s kind of what this blog is gonna be about. We might spice things up once in a while. You’ll just have to wait and see for yourselves.
Special thanks to Diego Felix for designing our header!

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