The day my brain exploded

The Saxon Stories - Brazilian Printing

I’m out of breath. For real.
No, not because this blog’s been forgotten for so long that the dust is suffocating me – we might back at that topic later on.
It’s because I was innocently checking my e-mail, which I use as source for many things these days, when I saw this particular one, from a tool called Author Tracker, which allows me to stalk Bernard Cornwell online, when I saw this book deal…Which was not at all just any book deal.
Anyhow, I hope you guys understand my excitement over this.First of, the thing expires tomorrow, which is why I’m putting this post out today. I’m a kind person and I want y’all to have the opportunity to take advantage of it.
The deal is: you get the book Death of Kings, the sixth on the series of the Saxon Stories, signed, with 19% off! (There were only 67 left as I was writing this!)
But the most epic part of this whole thing, is that on the perk page, they have included something I had not seen before: an interview by George R.R. Martin with Bernard Cornwell.
Yes, you have read that right. One amazing writer interviewing the best author of all times. (I am not biased at all.)
I went on to look for the interview in its whole, and beware of the awesomeness: here it is.
For those of you who might not know, George R. R. Martin is the guy who wrote A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of books, of which we have seen 5 out so far, but in its whole is supposed to be 7, according to George himself (read the interview!), a bestselling series that is now being turned into a show, Game of Thrones. The trailler of the second season has been already released, and it is awesome.
Bernard Cornwell is the author of various well known series of books, such as The Artur’s Stories, and Sharpe. Yes, the Sharpe from the series that BBC produced.
In common, other than amazing story-telling, similar styles of writing and lots of characters being killed, they both have the honor to have one of their characters being interpreted by Sean Bean.
The interview is quite long, but it is worth your time. I mean. How could it not be?

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