Go Karting

Should probably start of by saying sorry for my lack of posts as well, short story is I’ve moved back home (its a marmite relationship) and just graduated (yay) – so trying to sort out my life – which involved a lot of unpacking and throwing my childhood books/ memories away to make room for the epic amount of stuff I have accumulated over the past 3 years…. Anyway on with the post!

So, I’m sure all of us have played a racing game at some point in our lives. I’m a massive fan of double dash, (gamecube version, not a fan of the wii, but we don’t need to go into this here), although I do play other racing games, and thought that knowing how to corner (albeit its not exact, I get that) etc would have helped me when I went go karting recently (for my friends 21st – what a great party idea!, he also won overall – go him!).  Turns out, it didn’t really help. Apparently I get very scared in the real life situation (when being hurt is a serious issue, and there are no ‘retry’ or ‘rewind’ buttons *another side note, I HATE the rewind buttons – back in the day, you had to start again… Pfff*).

Now, I’m thinking that has something to do with the military like induction to the world of ‘motor sports’  – with such things said as ‘you may loose an arm’, ‘the engine will get hot, ladies dont get your hair near it’, ‘these karts go fast, accidents can happen’. I was scared, I’m an accident prone person and if the guy talking to us wanted us to be petrified, he got his wish. They also show you a little video – and the rules of the track – red light = stop, if you move you will get chucked out, yellow light = slow to walking pace and green means wooooo, go for it.

The last time I went karting, I must have been about 14, I dont remember wearing a suit, which is actually pretty uncomfortable and the helmet gets kind of annoying (and is surprisingly heavy, but yay safety) – anyway, all suited up, we get to go on a practice go. My time was shocking, I got 39 seconds something as my best lap… *hangs head in shame*… The best lap was 26 something in the practice turn.  After another group went on, we got to have another go. This time I had the mindset of, ‘I can do this, I wont die’. So I went for it. It was all going swimmingly, until the wishbone decided to die. I was trapped at the other side of the track and no matter how much I waved, it took about 5 minutes (felt like ages) for the guy to come over. After seeing what had happened, I got a new kart *yay*. By this time, we had like 3 minutes left or something (you go on for 15minutes each go). The race had to be stopped for me (hello red light) as I had 3 marshals including the mechanic surrounding me *feel really bad*. They really should stop your time when accidents happen, I mean it wasn’t my fault the wheel thingy fell off *or was it??* . So, second time round, my time was 28seconds something. Woooo, I must admit, when you get over the fear, its actually pretty fun sliding around the corners and over taking people… Although the crashes hurt, I got hit maybe 4 times and have some bruises to prove it :P.

So I have added a map of the track below, it doesn’t really show the chicanes – but that was pile up central and I’m not to sure what the ‘wild bends’ are either – but was really fun to slide around them… all in all was a pretty nice track *not on the level of the mighty Nurburgring though*.

Whilst I was driving around, I couldnt help but think about someone chucking a turtle at me, or having bananas on the race track. Maybe I shouldn’t have been imagining this whilst driving round, but it was pretty funny. I think from this experience, I should just stick to games … And fight my never ending battle with plant (I hate that character, it has a vendetta against me).

And before you go, being able to play computer games doesn’t make you that good in real life  – I would like to direct your attention to Lucas Ordonez, a gamer, who in 2008, won the GT time trail tournament. The top 12 (which included Lucas), got to race at Silverstone for a day – after tests of fitness etc etc Lucas won again, this time winning a 3 month training course to get an international license. Since winning, Lucas has competed in races, with his most recent being the Le Mans, where he finished 2nd in his category. So, within 3 years Lucas has gone from being a gamer, to a real life racing driver *there is no hope of this happening to me, but I can dream :P* – I think that story is pretty much full of win. Turns out he is indeed the stig, and I’m still a stig wannabe.

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  1. Excellent post! I love go-Karting and it seems you had a similar enjoyable experience.

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