The Swifty story!

Hello fellow nerds!

I wanna tell you a little story about a guy named Swifty. Swifty is a somewhat famous World of Warcraft player, he’s made several really great tutorial videos on YouTube about how to play the warrior class for World of Warcraft. If you’re interested in the warrior class and struggle in PvP, definitely check him out.
He was recently banned from World of Warcraft, permanently. It was a really unfair ban. He was banned for causing a server crash during an event that his guild was hosting. The only reason why only Swifty got blamed was because he was hosting the live stream at the time of the server crash, several of his guild mates had been hosting the live stream earlier through-out the night.
Some people might say, “well so what? It’s just a character in a game.” To that I say, you really don’t understand the whole part of it. For one, this is his job, he makes a living from doing these videos. So not only was he pretty much fired from his job but also lost something that he’s spent several thousands hours over the spand of 6 years. And for what? Making people enjoy the game together. Last I checked MMORPG stood for MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER online role player games. I suggest you to check out the video below.
Now if you feel similar to me, that Swifty was treated very unfairly by that GM, don’t despair, now we come to the good stuff. Since this is the internet, where there’s a lot of nerds who can be very vocal when it comes to players being stomped on by the big evil corporation. The WoW-community went absolutely bat-shit crazy after this video was posted. This video alone has already got 1.7 million views in 3 days which is 1 million more than Swifty’s most popular video up to that point.
Several other WoW/YouTube personalities made videos, showing their support for Swifty. It was 1 of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. If you have ever played World of Warcraft, you know how shattered that community really is. But for this 1 cause, it was like the entire community united for 1 goal. If you don’t believe me, I’ll include some videos from some other WoW/YouTubers and you can check the videos and read the comments for yourself.
I’ll stop now because I don’t wanna clutter this whole post with videos, but you get the idea. There’s also several more videos if you wanna check them out, just look for video responses at Swifty’s video.
As amazing as it was, seeing the whole community rally together for their fallen friend. This last video was even more amazing to see. It’s the perfect ending to a great story on how a broken community united together and put their foot down when injustice was presented to them.

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4 Responses to The Swifty story!

  1. Janet says:

    yay – he is back!! wooo 🙂 *this has made me happy* 😛

  2. Nena says:

    Athene!!!! I think my ovaries might have exploded!
    I mean, no…that’s something people say on Tumblr, nevermind that 😀
    Tumblr people are cuh-razeh…*eyeroll*
    It’s awesome that they reverted the ban! I lover tha gamer community…sometimes! Hooray!

  3. Marcus says:

    Thanks Chiren and Reese for the retweet, it brought many new eyes to our little blog :)!

  4. Helo says:

    Dude, I don’t even play WoW (at least not yet…) and I find that so awesome!
    I’m happy for Swifty! Yay!

    Its always nice seeing people getting together and fighting for a cause!

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