Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Hello blog readers =] so for my first post, I’ve decided to talk about Harry Potter*. Like many people, I have grown up reading the books and watching the films – one of my lasting memories from primary school is being read ‘The Chamber of Secrets’ (COS) – being asked to draw the chamber and me replying to my teacher ‘it’s my best work yet’ (I can’t draw to save my life – but I still have that picture somewhere in the depths of my room) … Fast forward a few years, I remember reading the last book on the way to look around Bath University. Naturally, I have stuck with having the childrens edition. I’m not going to talk about each book or film  – but focus on the last one… I’m going to assume everyone knows what happens – if not don’t read any further *spoilers*  … But seriously, read the books!
*I’m a fan, but I wouldn’t classify myself as an uber fan – so sorry If some of this is wrong, it’s from what I can remember 😛
Ok, so the film – I loved how they made Dobby funny, it was good to see something lighten up the pretty dark story line (dealing with death is hard, but JKR managed to make it approachable). Dobby, is possibly one of my favourite characters (or a close second to Sirius), his death scene was heartbreaking. But, maybe its because I’m a geographer, or I had the image so clear in my mind – I really disliked where he was buried – in my mind, it was on the top of a cliff – not sand dunes, surrounded by trees, not marram grass. It kinda grated on me in the film, and when I watch the dvd it still bugs me. I think that was my main dislike with the film – but I also disliked how quickly they went over Mad Eyes death, who just randomly speaks out like that?  You can’t just drop that bombshell and swiftly move on! Also, why did Hedwig have to die? I mean I’m still annoyed Sirius died – can’t Harry have some family members left?? Having not read the last book for about a year (so much for a fan eh?), I have forgotten the exact story lines, so I won’t go into the things that were left out.  The film is captivating, and even though you know what is going to happen – it keeps you interested, and draws you straight back into the story. The film, currently has 79% on Rotten Tomatoes. Some critics however, moaned about how the film is ‘tangled’ – but, I think its hard to convey such a complex story (with lots of plot lines) to the big screen, the fact that there is lots going on – and lots to think about make the film/books amazing – this is no simple chick flick, whereby the guy gets the girl, or an action packed thriller – its a mixture of all genres – and therein lies its appeal – you have the love stories, the action, the magic, the fights and the villains. All ages can watch and enjoy the films.
So the next film is out on the 15th July (not including previews) – which is actually the same day I graduate – I so want to wear my gown to see it. What am I expecting from the last instalment? Sure, there will be lots of action – the trailer looks amazing and even the theme tune genuinely makes me excited.  I am really looking forward to the battle of Hogwarts, from the trailer, I don’t like how Harry and Voldemort fall of the bridge – correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s not in the books :p. I want the epilogue to be in there – I want to see the older cast with their kids! I also can’t wait for Molly to say to Bellatrix, ‘get away from my daughter you bitch’.  I’m also excited to see Lily/ James/ Sirius and Lupin, when Harry is going to let Voldemort kill him – I hope they use the same actors! What am I dreading? – all the deaths, the death of Dumbledore had me in tears, same with Sirius/Dobby… reading the books I was in tears, I don’t want to see Lupin, Tonks or Fred die. I’m pretty sure I will be in tears throughout the film – and I am very sad to see it end – I’m happy that the film was split in two, gave us a little bit longer to deal with the fact it’s over.
The books/ films have touched the lives of so many people – and has created a range of related products – ranging from the music (check out youtube – Harry and The Potters, The Parselmouths, The Remus Lupins, The Whomping Willows – the list goes on, there are loads), conferences, the musical – which Helena reviewed a while back, the games, the communities (leaky cauldron etc), the theme park (I really want to go and taste some butterbeer) and the museum (opening in my hometown :P) – it really is a global franchise. And there could be more – with the arrival of the Pottermore website, currently showing two owls with the message ‘coming soon’ … leading to a youtube channel with a countdown saying ‘the owls are gathering, find out why’ – I’m excited, I have no idea what it could be…
So what are you guys most excited for? Have you got any ideas of what the pottermore announcement could be??
(I apologise for the long post, I got carried away hehe)
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5 Responses to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

  1. First off, damn I feel old! Primary school when HP came out? Yikes. I’ve not read the books, but have watched the films up to 6, and played Lego Harry Years 1-4 and there is certainly a good universe backing these books up, albeit with ideas gleaned from older works left right and center. But then all good fairy tales are retellings of the old stories. The same can be said of Star Wars.
    Great first post, look forward to more 🙂

    • Janet says:

      haha :p – well I was in year 6 when 2 came out *I think* – yup, they may as well use the old stories – they work!
      and thank you 🙂
      I’ve never played any of the lego games for HP (only Batman), I’ve played the demos for the normal games, but I didnt really like them!

  2. Marcus says:

    Aw man come on 😀 Age is just a number, you’re young in spirit, I can vouch for that.
    Are the Lego HP games any good, I only played like the first ever HP game that came out for like Playstation 1 or so haha 😀 *can I feel old too? :$*

    Glad you liked the post, Janet is doing a mighty fine job so far 😀

  3. We love all the Lego games, but we play them as a couple, not sure how they play as a single player game, probably a lot more frustrating.

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