The Glee Project

Hey folks!
First of, I know I have been slacking off with P&P lately, but I’ve been crazy busy! And I realize my personal life doesn’t interest you, so let’s get to what might!
I really like social media websites, that is no mystery. So last weekend, while I was checking out GetGlue’s new stickers I saw one that caught my attention (other than the Harry Potter one ;D) and it featured “Coming soon – The Glee Project”. I was intrigued. What could that possibly be? Since the show (Glee) is on break until September, my first thought was that it had something to do with their summer tour, but no!
The Glee project is actually a different kind of show that works kind of like American Idol, but instead of getting America to choose who they want to win a buttload of money and a contract signed with a record label, the winner of the show, who will chosen by the creators of Glee, will join next season of Glee.
Each episode the contestants are given a “homework assignment”, which is a part of a song that all of them will perform later in front of a judge, a guest from the Glee cast, who will pick the best out of them and spend some “one-on-one” time in which the cast member will give some advice to the person regarding acting, singing or dancing.
After that, all the contestants create a music video together. The first video was Katy Perry’s “Firework”.
Once that is done, the bottom three are picked, and all of them are given the chance to perform an entire song, that they are assigned by the team judging them, and hope that they kick ass at it, so they can stay for another week on the show.
What they have made very clear on the first episode (other than how to say “ohmygosh” in every sentence possible) is that the winner of the show won’t necessarily be the best singer, the best dancer or the best actor. What they are looking for is somebody with a strong personality, somebody they can write about, who will fit in the show.
So, let’s meet the contestants!
He is a diva! He submitted his audition via MySpace (who even uses that anymore, right?) and made it through the top 12.
He also submitted his audition on Myspace. He is hot and describes himself as “the heart-breaker”.
He auditioned at Fort Worth, Texas, not on MySpace even though he has this geeky look. He says he’s never taken a singing class before the Glee Project and also, he is not much of a dancer.
He was discovered by the producers of the show to audition. Damian is Irish and is in a band called Celtic Thunder since he’s 14. I particularly love his accent and he made me laugh a lot on the first episode of the show.
She auditioned at Chicago. Ellis is very very short and looks very very young, which she doesn’t seem to like so much.
She’s also been “discovered” by the producers of the show. She’s from New York and is kind of slutty. (I don’t like her.)
She auditioned at Fort Worth too and is a very funny girl. Some say she uses humor to hep her embrace the way she looks, because apparently being overweight is a bad thing.
Also discovered through the music industry, she was deaf until she was 2 years old. She has bright blue eyes and is very pretty. Also, she is kinda mean. (I didn’t like her much either)
Also made her way in through MySpace, she is a great singer, dancer and actress. She’s worked on some shows and commercials before.
Ma’boy! He is Brazilian but has been living in the US for the past 8 years. He is very short and uses braces too. In the way I see, he’d be perfect for Glee.
She’s auditioned in Chicago as well , her strength is Country Music, as surprising as it might sound. She looks like a fun person!
From MySpace too. He has a very nice look (in my opinion), with his dreadlocks and nose rings. He plays guitar, bass, drums and piano. He’s the whole package!
With all that said, I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did. It is a fun show and is also helps to fill the gap Glee left.
And with this dramatic statement I leave you today.
Ooh! And by the way!
Everybody say hi to Janet! Our new blogger who’s gonna be helping us bring the awesomeness to you!
Have a nice week everybody!

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