Gaming for charity

First of all, our excuses for being quiet for some time. Nena is currently very busy irl and I don’t have an excuse really. *sorry!* We’ll try be more active in the future like we have been previously but we can’t make any promises as this is something we do on our freetime and only when the mood really takes us.
So what will we talk about today? Well the title should kind of give it away, shouldn’t it? *hihi* We will talk about “Alex’s 24 Hour World of Warcraft Marathon” which is something I was involved in during the weekend. It was a task that Alex Shaw of the Digital Cowboys set for himself, which was to basically play World of Warcraft and try to reach as high level as possible in 24 hours non-stop in the name of charity and try to raise money for Child’s Play.
If you don’t know what Child’s Play is, it’s a charity started by the guys over at Penny Arcade. Which raises money for children’s hospitals to provide toys and video games for them to entertain the sick children. Not your average fundation if I’m honest, but a good cause that I completely support nonetheless. Definatly check out for all the information, I can’t really fit everything into this post.
Alex also recorded parts of his epic marathon which will be part of their weekly podcast, took hourly photos of himself and also recorded some in-game photage which will all be available online if you wish to see what happens to a person when they play World of Warcraft for 24 hours. Sadly I couldn’t take part in any of the leveling process even though I had a level 18 ready to jump on when the group reached that level, but I was on Skype for the last 4 hours or so. Cheering the guys on as they reached 20 hours and beyond.
I definitely recommend you keep an eye out for this next episode of Digital Cowboys, available this Friday, and also if you have the means please donate. This is a charity that you can look at as a nerd and feel proud over. To quote the people over at Extra Creditz, “this is an effort of unambiguous good.”
Ps: If you don’t hear from me in a while, it’s not because I’m dead. It’s because I’m back into WoW with some awesome people from the charity run, we have decided to try and keep the guild alive and we’re having a blast. Find us on Doomhammer-EU and the guild Digital Cowboys.

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1 Response to Gaming for charity

  1. Nena says:

    Yes, I have been very busy. My children need feeding and my husband is in jail. Things are hard.
    No, I’m kidding 😀

    Gaming for charity is a nice idea! Props to that! =)

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