Musical Week – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

There. The mistery is over. My assignment for the Pixels And Papers musical week was the 1975 Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I can describe it in one word: weird.

It definitely changed the way I’ll look at Tim Curry from now on. You remember Tim Curry right? I grew up in the 90’s so the way he was engraved in my mind was as Gomez Adams (From the Adams Family Reunion) or the bad romenian guy from that terrible movie, Congo. When I saw him wearing a corset, high heels and a lot of make-up it took me a while to realize just who that was.

Now, the plot: Brad and Janet have just gotten engaged and are on their way to visit an old friend, Dr. Everett Scott, when they get a flat tire. In need of a phone to call for help, they go over to Dr. Frank-n-Furter’s castle to which they are welcomed by Riff Raff, a handyman, and his sister/lover (right?!) Magneta. There they discover a bunch of attendees of an “Anual Transylvanian Convention” that is held by Frank-N-Furter, a Sweet Transvesti from Transexual Transylvania, as he calls himself. At this convention the doctor unveils his new creation, Rocky, a blond man with a tan.

I’m not gonna go on about the plot because I don’t want to spoil the story for you guys. Those of you who watch Glee and were wondering why they were saying it was highly inappropriate for High School students: it is inappropriate in many different levels and not just to teenagers. There isn’t a lot of nudity, but there’s the ocasional boob showing and, oh, of course, most of the cast spends most of the movie in their underwear which isn’t necessarily gender-appropriate. There’s also a murder and what COULD be described as rape. I’m just sayin’.

The songs are very enjoyable and the cast is amazing! I mean, Susan Sarandon is a very unique kind of actress. Also, the production of the movie is pretty impressive for a 70’s movie.

I don’t recommend this movie to everybody. You must have a weirdness tolerance and you can’t be homofobic at all (and if you are, either grow up or stop reading this blog kthkxbye).

It has been released in BluRay so “Yay!” for good resolution! I also believe Netflix is streaming it, so America has no excuse.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Musical Week! If you have suggestions for more themed weeks, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Now we’ll go back to our usual selves!

With this I leave you today. Have a nice weekend!


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One Response to Musical Week – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

  1. Steven Thomsen-Jones says:

    Always been one of my favorite Musicals. I grew to know Richard Obrien through the UK TV show Crystal Maze, an 80s and 90s game show where contestants had to perform tests of physical and mental skil in an attempt to win some adventure days rewards. I always liked his sense of humour so when I cam to watch Rocky for the first time (I guess I was about 14) it blew me away. This is the sort of crazy weird comedy I think the British mind is best at. And if it is out on BluRay it;s time to update my collection! 🙂

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