Starship – Musical Week!

Hello my friends!

We’re having a musical week here on P&P. Nena suggested I watch the newest creation from StarKid Production (makers of A Very Potter Musical, which we have mentioned before on P&P) and she has also been given a musical to watch and write about, so you have that to look forward to. I won’t spoil what she is watching but I don’t think you will be disappointed. *wink*

So this new musical is called Starship. It stars most of the team we have come to love from AVPM and AVPS, I suppose the biggest person missing is Darren Criss who doesn’t appear anywhere in Starship but he did write the music and lyrics.
The story kicks off with a bug named Bug (yes, I know) whose next in line to be assigned for duty under the almighty Overqueen. Having a slightly different mindset than the other bugs who blindly follow orders from the Overqueen, Bug wishes to become a human starship trooper after discovering a wrecked spaceship that crashed on their planet many years ago. I will not spoil too much because I really like for you all to see for yourself, but this should get you started at least. It’s a very sweet story that just makes you happy to see and just enjoy while everything pans out in front of you.
The humor is similar to the rest of the work made by StarKid. Me personally had a grin on my face for the entire show. There’s many references to incredibly nerdy stuff, some more obvious than others.
I really think it’s important to not expect My Fair Lady or Wicked as far as production value goes. The costumes are a bit sketchy, the backgrounds are meh etc. but, from what I can tell, they’re not trying to be My Fair Lady or Wicked either. They are performing like this because that’s what they love to do and you can really feel it and see it in their performance.  It’s 100% pure joy.
Some closing thoughts: If you have seen A Very Potter Musical and loved it, I strongly recommend you see this. Hell, even if you haven’t seen A Very Potter Musical I would still strongly recommend you see Starship. It will make you feel happy and what else can you really ask for?…… and Bingo was his name-o. *this will make sense after you watch it.*

PS: here’s the link if you wanna watch it on YouTube –


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