Fishin’ for Woos

It is here, the day I have been waiting for so long! April 26th, the day Fishin’ for Woos finally came out to the whole wide world!
I have promised Marcus I would try and not sound like a 12 years old fangirl, let’s see if I can live up to that!
For those of you who don’t know who Bowling for Soup is, they are a Texan punk rock band that’s been together for almost 17 years now and has never stopped doing awesome music.
Their lyrics have always been funny and catchy, which was preserved in this album. It definitely has the BFS signature. Produced by Jarinus (Jaret Reddick, BFS lead vocal and Linus of Holywood, from Palmdale), the album features 12 songs:
1- Let’s Pretend We’re Not In Love
2- Girls in America
3- S-S-S-Saturday Night
4- What About Us
5- Here’s Your Freaking Song
6- This Ain’t My Day
7- Smiley Face (It’s All Good)
8- Turbulence
9- I’ve Never Done Anything Like This (Featuring Kay Haley from The Dollyrots)
10- Friends, Chicks, Guitars
11- Guard My Heart
12- Graduation Trip
You can listen to a preview of the album for free here.  Full songs and all that. And if (and I think you will) you decide to buy the album, it is available on iTunes and on their US and UK store, where you’ll find the vinyls with the B-sides.
So far the only B-side I’ve heard was “Dear Megan Fox” and it is pretty epic!
If you’re still thinking you know these guys but can’t remember why, let me help you. They are the guys who sing Girl All The Bad Guys Want, The Bitch Song, 1985 and High School Never Ends. A few weeks ago they also had a song performed by the American Idol contestants for those Ford videos they’ve been doing called Val Kilmer.
I enjoyed this album a lot, but I’m a little biased, so let me know what you guys think!

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