Project Cafe aka. Wii 2

Since everybody and their dog is reporting on this story, I figured I might aswell throw my 2 cents into it. I did most of my “research” on and I suggest you read a few this article if you wanna know more about the console. 
From what I can gather so far is, following the decline of the Wii’s sales numbers *since everybody has a Wii at this point*. Nintendo are now looking into break in to the “hardcore gaming” industry with a new and beefed up console that according to sources is going to be even more powerful then the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.
Is it going to work out for them? We’ll just have to wait and see I guess, but personally I don’t think so. Because Nintendo has become synonymous with the casual gaming industry (which has worked out really well for them, don’t get me wrong) with the Wii being so cheap and cheerful, now with their new console Nintendo seem to be doing a complete 180.
I really don’t know who is going to buy this console. Nintendo’s current demographic bought their Wii’s because it’s cheap and easy to use. I don’t see many of that demographic cough up 350-400 US dollars, which is the rumored price at the moment, just to play Mario and Zelda in HD. And people who want HD consoles already bought either an Xbox 360 or a PS3 or even both.
It’s also rumored that the new Nintendo console also will feature 3D capabilities and all I have to say to that is. Please Nintendo, do not rely as heavy on 3D as you did on motion controllers. There’s are a lot more haters of 3D then there is of motion controllers. I think the success or failure of the Nintendo 3DS will determine how 3D oriented this new console will be.
This is of course all rumors and could probably change but so far, I remain very sceptical. Nintendo said there will be a playable version at E3 2011 in June so we will know more after that.
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