A Google A Day

Puzzles. I love them.
I mean, what’s not to love about puzzles? They make you push your brain to figure out new ways of solving problems, they make you focus on something, they give you that feeling of suspense… They are brilliant!
And they have always been around. Newspapers usually have a page or two dedicated to puzzles like crosswords and sudoku. And Newspapers used to be always hanging out with the families during breakfast. That old thing! :’)
Now, come with me on a stroll down my mind. Most people from my generation don’t have a habit of reading newspapers. We use internet to get our information. Instead of opening up a big sheet of gray paper in the morning we just turn on our computers, iPads or whatever. But the one website I believe everybody uses everyday (at least one of the services that they provide) is Google. Right? We use G-mail, Google calendar, Google Docs, Orkut*, and so on… So there we have it, we used to have newspapers as something we’d be in touch with everyday, now Google is that something. And so they have also started to offer us puzzles!
Google has launched on April 7th “A Google A Day” which consists of a random question that Google makes, then you use your search skills to find out the answer.
Here’s an example:
Looks pretty easy right? So to try and make it a little bit more challenging, Google provide us a different search engine. Supposedly it is   an older version, the “Deja Googlee” is what they’re calling it.
Needles to say, I got really excited when I saw that it came out but I can tell you there are a few things I believe they could add to this nice little puzzle. Like ranks and such things so we could make these puzzles into little competitions with our friends. Google has been trying to get into this new “Social” wave, like we’ve seen with that +1 Beta thing, so I suppose that could be a step into it, right? No? Ok.
All in all, I loved A Google A Day and I hope you guys get into it like I did!
See you next time!

For more information go to the Official Google Blog.

*Orkut is a Social Network that was bought by Google a few years ago. It is very popular in Brazil and  the main reason why so many Brazilians aren’t on Facebook yet.

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