My 1 complaint about Mass Effect.

So I just finished the first Mass Effect on my trusty Xbox 360 *yea yea.. 2007 called..* and let me just say before this rant that Mass Effect is probably the best single-player game that I have ever played. Let that sink in for a moment..
So what’s my beef? Well this is gonna be a weird sentence but when it ends, it really ends. I played through this game in about 15 hours, only doing the story missions because that’s what I wanted to focus on. I got so intrigued by the story that I wanted to finish it as soon as possible, I needed to know what was gonna happen. And again like I said before, it’s 1 of the best games ever and I enjoyed my playthrough a lot *as most of my friends know by now due to my excessive talk about it.*
The thing is, when I picked up Mass Effect, I bought the Xbox 360 Classics Best Seller Edition which is a double disc version and on that 2nd disc there’s a lot of nifty bonus material including behind the scenes photage and also the DLC mission, Bring down the sky.
Now this is where the problem comes in for me. You can’t actually continue on your save after beating the game, you can’t play the DLC, you can’t play do any of the extra missions, once you’re finished with the story, it is game over.
And some of you might say well, you can port your savefile to play the DLC and the extra missions and you’ll keep your level, stats and gear etc. But I say bullshit to that. I tried that, I ported my save and created a new game, I spawned at the start as you’re supposed to, but that’s not my guy. You’re not the captain of the Normandy, your Paragon and Renegade stats are all defaulted back to 0. Your crew is reset and all the chemistry you had is gone. Ergo my conclusion, it’s not my character.
I understand why they did it this way, they want the game to be over once the story is over but I don’t agree with that. Many of the side missions, as far as I understand, don’t have anything to do with the main story so why not be able to play them anyway.
I thought Mass Effect was trying to prove that it wasn’t all about the stats on your gear and what level you were. It’s rather disapointing to strip away everything that was so good about Mass Effect just to play the DLC after finishing the game. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’m at a point where I don’t even wanna play the DLC, good thing it came free with this edition.

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6 Responses to My 1 complaint about Mass Effect.

  1. Giles says:

    If it’s any consolation, your main issues don’t recur with the ME2 DLC.

    I’m not sure how this should work. I love the concept of extra single player content, but the fact that they need to be accessible by everyone and not just those that have completed the full game makes them inherently restrictive.

    Unless you simply adjust the enemy difficulty based upon stats in a savegame, can you do anything more than invent a separate parallel scenario (like Dead Space 2).

  2. Marcus says:

    That is a lot of consolation!

    Maybe I have screwed up vision for DLC but I think of it as extra content, as in extra once you finish the game, that does make it a bit restrictive though as you say but..I’m fine with it! 😀 Might be a lot to ask for them to make a game 1 way just because I ask for it.. I don’t think I’m alone on this one.

  3. Giles says:

    I agree, I’d love to get DLC that’s a continuation of a game I’ve finished, but the fact is to justify production costs they need to be able to market it to everyone who bought the original, not just the percentage who completed it. That’s limiting on many fronts.

    • Marcus says:

      That’s a good point, I didn’t think of it that way. It’s a really tricky situation.

      It presents another point aswell, they can’t release the DLC too quick even if it’s finished because then we complain that it should have been in the main game, and in this situation if they wait too long then most people will finish and beat the game and then we’re back at the point of where I am.

      The optimal would of course to make it available both during the story and afterwards but I’d imagine that would be a tricky one…

  4. Steven Thomsen-Jones says:

    I have to agree. I have the Steam version without the DLC, so upon completion I went to look if I should get it. RReading how it worked I decided against it since it would require starting over in some shapr or form. That’s not how DLC should work, and it appears they have learnt from that. They needed to create some way you could play it as a ‘side line’ after completion.. technically I have 56 save games from my playthrough so I could return to one and go hunt for the side quests and this DLC, but that would feel like I broke my story line.. not a good thing in a game where story is number 1. My other option it wo play in on 360, as we have that version too.. play as a woman this time to keep the distintion and then do all the side quests and DLC there.. but it’s still not the same.

    • Marcus says:

      Yea, there was ways for me to play it but I felt like every way I could do it would be breaking the story up in some way and it felt really crappy to have to. I really enjoyed the way they did for Mass Effect 2 so kudos for BioWare for learning from their mistakes. 🙂 (Don’t worry BioWare, I’m still your humble servant :$)

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