Mad Love

So hey!                                                                                         Mad Love(2011)!    Another New York based sitcom. Do we really need more of those? We’ve had Friends, now we have How I Met Your Mother and Rules of Engagement and they’ve all been awesome. So why would anyone watch Mad Love?
Well, here’s why: it is amazing!
For starters it has amazing actors! Jason Biggs (from American Pie, back when I still liked it) is Ben Parr, lawyer, very sweet dude who falls in love with Kate Swanson (Sarah Chalke, from Scrubs and one of Ted Mosby’s girlfriends on How I Met Your Mother). She lives with her bestfriend, Connie Grabowski (Judy Greer, you might remember her fom The Big Bang Theory or from the movie The Village) who is a very mean person, therefore my favourite character. Ben is always hanging out with Larry Munsch (Tyler Labine from Reaper) and that means Connie and Larry are always forced to spend time together even though they hate each other. It just makes the situation that much better. They are constantly fighting and the scenes are amazing!
Mad Love does remind me a lot of How I Met Your Mother but I fell madly in love with it! (See what I did there? -shut up Nena!)
Anyways, it is on its first season and so far 7 episodes have been aired. The next one, Paw and Order, airs on April 11th. Looking forward to it! I miss Larr Bear already! Wait, what?
I hope you enjoy the show!
See ya next time!

Ps: I watch too many series.


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One Response to Mad Love

  1. Marcus says:

    I love love love love love love love this show! it’s awesome! watch it!

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