Why I blog

Sadly due to some real life stuff we haven’t been able to be active on the blog for a bit but that will change soon and we’ll be posting regularly again so in the meantime I thought I’d put up an article I wrote while I had a burst of inspiriation and also when I first thought of making this blog. Hope you enjoy it.
“As I sit here on a bumpy busride between Tampico and Monterrey I’m struck by this sudden urge to create. I don’t know what or why.
I just really feel the need to express myself. Think i’ve listened to too much inspiring and hilarious words from Elaine and Leah or maybe the tunes on my iPod.
I’m inspired to create, but what? I have always been a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades due to my need to find new experiences every so often, so I’m capable at many things, but not truly good at any of them.
I can’t draw or paint, nor do I posses a voice of desire or any special rhythmic ability.
So I’m a painter without a brush. A musician without an instrument. A cluster of inspiration without an outlet.
Then the idea hits me, what about this? What better way to express yourself then to write about it. Many of the people that inspire and entertain me the most are writers in form or another.
I say this with the upmost respect. Nerds like me have find a creative outlet on the internet by writing. I read their works everyday. People like Alex Shaw, Ben Croshaw, Leah Haydu, Elaine Stryker, Daniel Floyd. The list goes on. All writers in their own right.
I realize all of these people all have video games in common, but so what? People write what they are passionate about. And I love and respect their work.
To sum up, I should start writing and I guess this is as good of a start as any.
So what should I write about? From what I have heard you should write what you know, which is a kind of pointless saying, impossible write something you don’t know. Anyway.
Write what interests you? Sure.
I’m in ground and bottom a nerd. I enjoy playing and talking about video games, I enjoy movies with swords, aliens and other awesome stuff. I spend too much time on the Internet where I consume a lot of my entertainment in all shapes and sizes. From blogs, vlogs, podcasts, watch favorite tv shows or play games online with friends from all over the world.
So another nerd who needs to shares his opinion with the Internet, great..
Well yes, why not? When has it ever been a bad thing that people express themselves as long as it’s not offensive? And the internet is the perfect platform because it’s never been easier nor more accessible to get your word out there. So yes, another nerd blog coming up!”
So that’s why I do what I do and it’s definatly something I can recommend for anyone who feels they have a need to express themself to strangers. Also just writing down your thoughts and opinions without making them public has also helped me tremendesly, take it as a friendly advice.

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