No Ordinary Family

So hey! Remember when we were kids and we liked superheroes? What’s that?!?! You still like them??? Yea..I do too!
So while nerding around, looking for another excuse to procrastinate, and being as addicted to series as I am, I’ve decided to take a look at “No Ordinary Family”, which at first I thought was a sitcom, maybe something like “Modern Family”(which is awesome, btw) but imagine my surprise when while watching the pilot it turned out to be a whole series about super heroes!
Here’s how it is: The Thing (from the Fantastic 4) married Rita (from Dexter) and they have two super-kids.
No. I’m kidding.
In this show Michael Chiklis plays the role of Jim Powell, a police sketch artist who is married to Stephanie (Julie Benz). She is a very successful scientist who works as a researcher for Global Tech. She barely has time to keep up with her job and her family. Jim gets very upset about it because he feels like he and their kids are taken for granted over and over. Their kids are JJ (Jimmy Bennett), a kid who has learning difficulties, dispite the fact that his mom is a brilliant, and Daphne (Kay Panabaker), typical teenager girl.
To try and get the family to bond, Jim proposes that they all go together to a trip to Brazil, where Steph has some researching to do. Now, this is where it gets good: they get in a plane crash and fall in the middle of the tropical forest, in some kind of river with a phosphorescent water. The plane pilot dies, but the whole family survives, no harms. (I am gonna skip over the fact that the Brazil they show is not what it actually is like because it would be pointless to try and point out that the rest of the world is not stuck in the 40’s, as Americans seem to picture it)
They get back in the US to try and continue their lives, as if nothing happened just to find out that they all have superpowers. It is believed that they got them from swimming in that Brazilian river where they plane fell (I gotta do some serious swimming there!).
Jim gets superstrength, a lot like The Thing did but without all the rock-looking body and some extra stuff, Steph gets superspeed, which comes in handy (now she has time to be a scientist and a mom), Daphne hears people’s thoughts and JJ gets a superbrain.
Now, of course all super-people have super-bad-people running around them. They find their rivals when Jim goes all vigilante. And as all good super-hero, he has a sidekick, but this one doesn’t have superpowers; It’s his best-friend, George (Romany Malco), who builds “The Lair”.
Steph doesn’t fight crime, but of course it doesn’t stay that way for long. She also gets herself a sidekick, her lab assistant Katie (Stephen Collins), which is a total geek/nerd and is by far my favourite character.
The villain in this story is Dr. King (Stephen Collins), Steph’s boss and mentor. He has his own super-bad-guy going around covering his tracks. 😉
The show is produced and aired by ABC. *winks discretly*
To sum it up: it is amazing. Prepare yourself for a nerdgasm.
On a side note: I love how in their intro the window’s curtain gives the impression of being a cape. Silly things like that make me happy.
I hope you guys enjoy it!
See ya next time!

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Weirdly awesome. True story.
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3 Responses to No Ordinary Family

  1. Larry says:

    Well.. I have to say I have a soft part for superhero movies.. I go to everyone that comes out with my little brothers( yes that’s my excuse) and I’m Sticking to it.. And I gotta say nerdgasm is definitely right up my alley lol

  2. Marcus says:

    Thanks Nena for getting me addicted to this show! 😀 I fucking love it!

  3. Nena says:

    You’re welcome!

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