Have you ever been called a nerd? Geek maybe? I think most people who reads this blog probably have at 1 point in their life and well, if you haven’t, here is what you’re missing out on.
These are names I’ve grown up with. At first it botherd me and I took it very badly and I handled myself poorly because of it. Things are different now, maybe it’s age, maybe the words have lost their power. Whatever it is, now I take pride in these words, and I even go so far as call myself a nerd as often as I can.
I understand why people get offended by these words if they don’t embrace their nerdy side, but really. Don’t get offended by it, feel secure in knowing who you are. These assholes who try to offend you probably have no idea who they are and are running around the world trying to make others feel bad. So if someone calls you a nerd or geek, respond with “Yes, I am. And who are you? You’re an asshole. Good day.”
I also think that people feel uncomfortable with these words is that whenever they hear it, they think of that picture I posted at the top of the page, but the social stigma is not as big as it used to be, anyone afraid of being called or call themself a nerd nowadays have no reason to be afraid. The nerds run this planet these days. Scroll down the Forbes Top 400 list and see how many people have made a fortune on the internet. Most celeberties are using social networks and we even have our own internet celebs that proudly support our lifestyle, just look at YouTube. The video game industry is rapidly expanding creating both deliciously nerd jobs and amazing products.
Imagine where the world would be today without nerds. Think of all the electrical appliances you use on a day-to-day basis, do you know how they work? Any idea how that coffemaker works that makes you coffee in the morning? That creditcard reader that makes it so simple to pay for your groceries at the supermarket? That cellphone you own? That TV you watch every night before you go to bed? Didn’t think so. Well some nerds do, and they made them for you. You’re welcome.
So don’t be afraid of being who you are, embrace your interests and enjoy them, whatever they may be. There’s nothing wrong with them. As usual, if anyone want to continue this conversation, please email me at, contact me on twitter @MadXadz or leave a comment in this very blog. Thanks for your time!

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3 Responses to Nerd

  1. Gabee says:

    Nice topic and post.

    I think it’s very important for a person to accept themselves as they are (in attitude & physically & any other way possible) and do some introspection from time to time to see if thats how they really want to be. Once a person accepts they way they are, they will accept the rest, make good relationships and in the end also making life more easy.

    GaB* ❤

  2. Helo says:

    Awesome post Marcüs!

    Reading it makes me want to be called a nerd! Which of course has never happened in my entire life :)))) (not!)

    Well, so, “Yes, I am. And who are you? You’re an asshole. Good day. I SAID GOOD DAY” (Fez’s Style!)

    Cool post!

    PS: Sluta upp å stoppa köttbullar i näsan Marcüs!

  3. Nena says:

    I SAID GOOD DAY! :’)

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