“The intellectual Disneyland”

If you have read the about section of this blog you might remember that I am a Library and Information Science student, so you might understand why I chose this specific topic for today.
The Jay Walker’s Library of Human Imagination, this fun little place in New Englad, USA (where else would cool places be if not in the US? *mental rant*) that ANY person would be completely blown away, amazed, stoked, petrified, enchanted… by.
Do you consider yourself to be a nerd? Geek? Do you? Ok, fasten your seat belts then because here we go!
The library was created by Jay Walker (duh), American entrepreneur who has founded a number of successful startups and is best known for the Walker Digital. His house was built specifically to accommodate the library that is around 3600 square feet and is distributed in three mazelike levels.¹ It contains fragments from different times of the human history. “Artifacts on display include: a complete Bible handwritten on sheepskin from 1240 AD, the first illustrated medical book from 1499, a 1699 atlas containing the first maps that put the sun at the center of the universe, the napkin on which FDR sketched his plan to win WWII, and an original 1957 Russian Sputnik satellite.” ³
Here’s a little video of  Jay Walker, conducting a show-and-tell session highlighting a few of the intriguing artifacts that backdropped the 2008 TED stage.4
You can take a virtual tour here. And you can also go and visit the Library yourself. As far as I know it is open for visitors! I would totally go there if I had the means!
How amazing is this place? Seriously!
I hope you enjoed the ride. We expect you, sir (or madam!), back for the next ones!
Notes/references/external links:
¹ – Wired Magazine
²- Image took from Wired.
³- Extracted from OpenCulture.



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3 Responses to “The intellectual Disneyland”

  1. Helo says:

    I bet if Walker wan’t married you’d be in line! 😀

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