Almost every person who uses the internet on a regular basis is on at least one of the various social networks we have these days. Most popular worldwide now are Facebook and Twitter.
Many people are trying to find ways to get these new tools to spread the word about their companies, ideas, brands and so on in order to make money or just to get attention. Facebook is making it really easy, but there is a different kind of social network that was created in 2006 that was made exclusively with the intention of helping people to accomplish that.
This social network is called Fancorps. It’s very clever! It gets the fans working for the bands/companies!
“Fancorps offers premium street and viral marketing services for artists, labels, companies, and brands looking to enhance their grass roots and online presence. We can create, manage, and customize teams and campaigns that will expose your message or product to your target demographic and audience.” (Source)
How do they do that? -one may ask. Here’s how:
Once a person signs up for a specific team on Fancorps they will be required to complete orders that aim to help spread the news of the band/brand/company they’re now “working” for in different ways. On the internet it’ll be via social networks, e-mail, word of mouth. Also they will get orders that will require physical work, like hanging up posters, distributing flyers and such.
Each order has a different “value”. By completing it the teamer will get x Store Credit points and x Activity Points. The activity points are merely so the person will go up on the ranks, which creates a little bit of a competition amongst the other members of the team and also makes the teamer see their progress. The Store Credit points are the catchy part of the whole thing. Each team has its own “General Store” on which there is exclusive products, merch that can be traded for these Store Credit points. They are kinda like money!
The team pages have forums, and on some teams you get points just by posting on them, which is awesome! At least for me, ha.
The most popular teams on Fancorps now are Lady Gaga, that was created on January 20th 2011 and became viral, Hollywood Undead, Blue October, All Time Low and Bowling for Soup.
I can tell from my own experience that they really do work. And they take the fan experience to a whole other level. I love it! 🙂
Here you can see two of the free shirts I got from the BFS Team. They were delivered to my house, free of any charges*! I’m on the BFS Team for almost a year now and so far I’ve made 11 purchases, got a single as an extra with one of my purchases and was given signed guitar picks on a contest that happened in the team page! (You can see two of the free shirts I got here: Pic 1, Pic 2)
To become a member of one of the teams you don’t have to pay anything. The way I see the whole thing, it is a win-win process. The band win and the fans win too!
*They mail the prizes to you for free, but if your country establishes that you have to pay extra to take them out it’s your own responsibility. I have never had to pay anything to get mine!

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One Response to Fancorps

  1. Marcus says:

    I think Fancorps is a great concept and works very well in practice from what I’ve heard. I’d totally be all over this if there was a band I wanted to promote, sadly Alkaline Trio dosen’t have a street team. 😦 MATT SKIBA, Make it happend!

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