Digital distribution, you’re doing it wrong

So while browsing on the magical place known as the internet, looking for a new game to play. I found myself on, drooling over Starcraft 2. I go to click ‘Buy Digital’ (I have so many video game boxes and I want to support the future of digital distribution.) when I see it’s freaking 59.99€. 
Call me cheap, but I’m not paying ‘full price’ for a 7 months old game, especially if it’s just a digital copy. I had a look around again on the internet on various video game shops and found physical copies of the game were selling for as low as 35€. That’s 35€ for the PHYSICAL COPY of the game, with a disc, manual and the whole 9 yards!
Blizzard, what the…? I know you want me to buy the digital copy of your game because that saves you a lot of expenses. You don’t have to print a manual for me, you don’t have to print a disc for me, you don’t have to ship your games around from wherever-the-hell-ville you print your games at. But if I’m gonna live without a box, without a disc and without a manual, then you better make sure I get something back in return instead of screwing me over.
There’s no doubt digital distribution is the future for our beloved medium, but if it’s gonna be more expensive than the physical product then I fail to see the appeal, from a costumers point of view. Paying more for less does not make sense.

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4 Responses to Digital distribution, you’re doing it wrong

  1. Gabee says:

    I see your point there baby, but on the other hand you would be saving a lot of paper that is used to make that manual for each physical copy!, you are also saving the energy/gas/time to go to a shop and get the game and i want to believe it has some sort of advantage to buy it online apart from being easier than using a disc (that can get old, break, and that is also using space in your room!, etc).

    Thumbs up for pixels&papers!


  2. Marcus says:

    Sure I see the points of digital distribution, but why would it be more expensive then normal? It should be equal or less.

  3. Gabee says:

    I guess it’s because it’s an “extra” service, like why would VIP cinema be more expensive? because you are in a couch and you get a waiter. Same here, why is it expensive? well because you get it directly home, you don’t have to get discs anymore, or manuals you barely read :D.

  4. Nena says:

    I agree with Marcus though. I see what you mean Gabe but let’s use the same example you’ve used: on a VIP Movie Theatre you get a VIP experience whilst when you buy a digital copy of the game you’ll get exact same experience 😛

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