Internet habits

We all have them, don’t pretend you don’t! You know those sites you check everyday as soon as you log on the internet. Those wonderful websites you can spend hours and hours on either watching a constant new flow of content or bathe in the good old stuff! I have a *few* and I’m here to tell you which, and perhaps introduce you to some new favorite sites to visit!
Facebook and Twitter are a given of course. And to try and claim I’m only on there once a day would be a big ass lie, I’m addicted.. please help.
YouTube is also a place I visit quite frequently and I’m subscribed to a few channels that upload content everyday such as Philip DeFranco and TotalBiscuit.
The Digital Cowboys is a great weekly podcast with an awesome forum where to discuss video games, movies and other geeky goodness. While on there, make sure to check out Gonzo Media *I think that’s what it’s called now atleast..* aswell. It’s really great podcasts and smaller audio articles made by Alex Shaw of the Digital Cowboys.
So that’s the daily stuff out of the way. Now for the weekly/every other daily!
Scandinavia and the World is an hilarious comic strip that is updated on a regular basis with hilarious jokes *especially if you’re Scandinavian, but it’s still ok if you aren’t* and great drawings.
Zero Punctuation is an hilarious weekly game review series where Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw tears the latest game release a new one.
Extra Credits *no, we’re not sponosred by the Escapist..* is a great weekly lecture on video games from the perspective of the people who actually make them.
Last but not least, Some Other Castle my all time favorite podcast which is sadly on hiatus due to bebe *listen to the show and you’ll understand*. Made by 2 hilarious ladies who on a weekly basis would make my iPOD smile. I could ramble on and on how funny they are, or I could just say I’ve just finished my 3rd time of listening through their 48 episodes at over an hour a piece.
So those are my habbits, please tell me about yours.

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11 Responses to Internet habits

  1. Nena says:

    1st of all, like I’ve already told you, you missed the Google Chrome logo *evil glare*

    So yea, I spend MOST of my day on the internet. Facebook, Twitter and the walking dead Orkut, on which I enjoy the forums, really only good thing left there.
    When it comes to comics, SATW is awesome and I also check everyday the comics by Carlos RUes “Once Upon a Saturday”
    It is a brazilian production and he is taking a whil to translate the whole of the comics, but they are awesome!
    I also check some brazlian blogs with some funny stuff, like,,,
    Obviously, I am constantly on the BFS fancorps team. :
    What else? Well… I’m constalty checking the link the people I follow share on twitter so… yea 😛
    Ah, I was almost forgetting! Diggnation! I could watch them forever! 😀

  2. Janet says:

    Its all about the BFS street team 😀 *I’m not addicted, honestly*… other that that, twitter/facebook/the student room and youtube (at the moment my favourite vlogger is community channel) … I spend a lot of my time on the bbc news website as well… love zero punctuation (but it makes me upset that I dont have my ps3 with me…) … podcast wise – Kevin Smiths one is amazing and Jaret’s one =]

  3. Nena says:

    Jaret takes a long time to put out new podcasts though 😦

  4. Marcus says:

    I love community channel! she’s awesome 😀 Can’t believe I forgot to mention her. I subscribe to like 50 people on YouTube so understandable I couldn’t mention all 😦
    And yes, ZP is awesome!

  5. Nena says:

    I’ve subscribed to her channel a few months ago. Still haven’t watched any of her videos! haha

  6. Janet says:

    haha.. thats cos he does to much! I hear the 13th one will be soon :p

    :O Helena!!! You need to watch them… really funny… would love to travel the world like she is at the moment!

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