I’m Batman…or not

This post is based on a very cool article I stumbled upon earlier today, written by Mark Hughes (not the already dead founder of Herbalife, because that would be creepy), on a website I had never heard of but seems to be nice called Quora, discussing wheter it is possible to turn yourslef into Batman or not.
You can read the article here.
I suppose you have all heard of Batman, right? Read a comic book, watched one of the movies?
So I wonder, how would you feel about having some kind of Batman in your own city/town? Someone who believes he is so correct all the times he can overrule the police and another authorities. Someone so powerful it’s almost impossible to capture.
I don’t know about you but when I watched Batman: The Dark Knight, I kinda had to agree with The Joker in some of his points of view. Of course I would never blow up hospitals or boats full of people but you see my point, right?
I’m looking forward to knowing your opinion on this! Leave us a comment!
See ya!

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8 Responses to I’m Batman…or not

  1. Lucas says:

    Vou sim
    quero sim
    posso sim
    minha mulher não manda em mim
    eu vou sim, quero sim!

  2. Marcus says:

    I think it’s okay if their intentions are 100% pure. Sadly no person that I know of are that unselfish. Nobody would who has everything would ever sacrifice limb and possibly life for strangers who are about as loyal as cobras.

    What points of you views of the Jokers do you agree on Nena?

  3. Nena says:

    I think is more like what they showed on The Watchmen, the whole “who’s watching the watchmen?” thing. Who’s to say that “Batman” would only go after people who do harm to the society, not to him? Like, Bruce Wayne has business of his own, who’ll stop him from murdering his competition? He could very well pretend they are criminals.

    Well, do you remember why he had the bombs in the boats? He was trying to prove a point, that people don’t care about the others, that they believe themselves to better than others. And the people that were on the boat with more “decent” people WERE gonna explode the boat with the convicts. Weren’t they? 😛

  4. Heloisa says:

    They would! But you see, there are no such thing as “decent” people, there are people who are willing to show their “undecent” side and those who believe it is better to remais a “decent” person in the eyes of society!

    As I am a Law student, I believe there should not be people like Batman anywhere, the law exists for reasons, the problems we have to face as a social group are suposed to be fixed with the means the State has, and if they don’t work, fix that, try to find a way to HELP that, do not go and do what you believe is best only because you think so. And in portuguese we have a saying that says somethin like “Of good intentions the hell is fullfilled”.

    In the “Dark Knight” movie, the coolest point of view I found is Harvey Dent/Two-Face, specially when he says to Bruce “Either you die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villan”.

  5. Felipe says:

    The joker had a point but he didn’t used the right actions to prove it. [/nenalessons]

  6. Rafael RJ says:


    I didnt understand about Joker, and your point.
    Whatever, I never saw any Batman movie anyway. Just a old-fashioned one.
    I hope you wont come here and blow a boat in Rio.

    Love ya.

  7. wylgnol says:

    Oi Helena é o Heli. Bem, acho que posso responder em português né?! meu inglês ainda compreende mais leitura..hehe. Bem o Batman é considerado um super-herói por causa disso…ser alguém hi-tech, nerd completo, gênio, lutador formidável, excêntrico e ainda salvar mocinhas indefesas faz dele uma figura mítica, algo que poucos alcaçam, principalmente por ainda parecer normal. Podemos considerar o Coringa como um filósofo, aliás louco igualmente, pois ele contribui grandiosamente para o que o Batman é. O finado Heath Ledger conseguiu levar a inteligência louca (ou seria loucura inteligente?!) do Coringa a um patamar ainda não alcançado, tanto que sucumbiu a isso (e outras coisas obviamente…). Acho que o Batman parece estar próximo devido as concepções realistas, porém isso é o que mais faz dele um mito.

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