The Bus Ride

Thought I’d get this thing started because I have a feeling we could procrastinate forever.
First of all, let me introduce you to this blog. If you haven’t yet, I’ll suggest you take a look at this so you’ll get familiar with what this is and who we are.
I’m writing this post as I ride the bus to get home. Hey! I got bored. Been sitting here for over 4 hours! I had to find someting to do. And it is very hard to finish my logic puzzles with the bus moving so much! Yes. I know. Geeky, right? Well, no shame there! 
I just looked out the window and I see a football field and some boys shirtless and bare feet playing on it. One might say, “typical, since you’re Brazilian“. Well, yes. That is correct. It is deeply burried in the Brazilian culture to play football. I guess is because it is so easy to have fun playing it, and most importantly, cheap. All you need to get started is a ball and the ability to walk/run and kick. You don’t even have to be good at it to have fun! It’s great excercise and it takes our mind off silly things we might go through in our heads over and over again without getting us anywhere.
My point is: there should be no reason why you shouldn’t be having fun right now. And I don’t mean the fun that the midia usually wants us to buy, like going to expensive clubs or buying expensive clothes and toys. I mean having fun with whatever it is that amuses you (as long as you keep it legal!). Don’t feel bad if you’d rather stay home on a saturday night watching Disney musicals or playing some nerdy game than going out to dance and drink with a bunch of people you really don’t care that much for. You’re not alone!
When I see people sad it drives me really really mad. I don’t know if it is (again) because I’m Brazilian (we really are a happy people despite all the bad things we got going on around us), I just know that we don’t get to close ourselves off in corners and feel sorry for ourselves. This is gonna sound very cliché but, life is short, why spend it being sad? Do it as Barney Stinson: whenever you’re sad, stop being sad and be awesome instead. For real! 
This is my piece of nerdy thoughts for the day!See you next time, hopefully with something better! ;OWow. That came from a football field and dirty kids. The power of digression!

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2 Responses to The Bus Ride

  1. Heloisa says:

    I have to agree, seeing people close themselves off and spend time being sorry for te life they had is annoying.

    Good luck with the blog dudes!

  2. John A. says:

    “Soccer field.”

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